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Friday, 2 August 2013

Worst Football Jerseys In Football History

7.Cameroon Jersey

This kit is just so ridiculous.

6.Arsenal Away Jersey(1991)

This is by far one of Arsenal's worst jersey in history.

5.Notts County Away Jersey(1994-1995)
If you don't have anything nice to say,its better you don't say anything at all.I am going to stick with that law because of this kit.

4.Birmingham Home Jersey (1992)

This jersey looks unpleasant to the eyes,its horrible and awful.I hope they never wear this kit again.

3.Norwich City Home Jersey

Pictures speaks louder.Nothing else need to be said.

2.Hull City(1992-1993)

How did the Board Members Of Hull City 'ok'd' this kit and g was the guy who designed it thinking too much of tigers.

1. Jorge Campos Jersey 1994 World Cup

This has to be the worst kit in the history of football.Jorge campos wore this funny,colorful jersey in the 1994 World cup.Yea,you won,i guess that must be tears of joy....lol

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