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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Brandy Performed To Empty Seats At A Concert In South Africa

According to reports,Brandy found herself performing to about 40 people because concert-goers had left before she showed up.She performed two songs before getting angry and leaving.

The stadium holds up to 90,000 people and had been packed throughout the day in celebration of the life of former president Mandela but since they didn't know she was to perform, they left after the end of the slated programs
According to Guardian Newspaper, there were no more than 40 people there. South African Musician Kabomo also confirmed this by tweeting

'Brandy performed to an empty stadium. With the stadium lights on,'People didn't know there was a concert after the games. No one knew Brandy was around. Maybe a 40 people audience... She sulked after two songs and walked off.'

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