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Monday, 26 August 2013

Facebook Now Worth Over $100 Billion

According to data from FactSet revealed by Mashable, Facebook’s market capitalization topped $100 billion on Monday.

Data provided revealed that Facebook’s market cap peaked at about $101 billion. Facebook went public on the 18th of May, 2012 when it was valued at a hundred billion dollars. However, the company was only able to raise $16bn from its IPO.

Months later (in September), Facebook hit a low when its share was traded at $17.55 and the company’s value fell below $50 billion.

This was due to concerns of investors on the ability of Facebook to utilize its mobile to make money. The financial report of the second quarter which saw Facebook make 41% of its revenue has revived hope in investors.

Facebook’s stock has been rising since then and it reportedly hit an all-time high of $45 today in the stock market.

In comparison, internet giant Google Inc. has a market cap of $290.91bn, LinkedIn has a market cap of $31.96bn. Internet mart Amazon has a market cap of $132.12bn while Twitter which is expected to go to market soon is worth about $10bn.

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