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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Rapper 2Shotz Releases Statement Denying Ever Assaulting Ex-girlfriend, Beverly Osu

I have come to realize that Beverly Osu in the BBA TheChase house has a porous mouth and she even tells some obvious lies...but for her to have opened up to her housemates  about her ex-rapper boyfriend who terribly assaulted her in their relationship and she even has an everlasting scar to prove her point...I don't think she lied or exaggerated on this. 
She said this boyfriend of hers so assaulted her that on this particular day while he was beating her she ran into the bathroom to hide, but instead of leaving her alone, he broke down the bathroom door and continued beating her. 
Though she did not mention any name but a lot of observers mainly bloggers believed she was talking about rapper 2Shotz she once dated 2shotz who is a Naija  rapper. 
And since then 2Shotz has come under fire, brimstone, hot water and even mortal.
See how 2Shotz and his management responded to the allegations on twitter some hours ago:
See their Facebook statement below
 Who Do We Believe?

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