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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Lol!Woman Arrested For Trying To Kill Boyfriend With Her Big Breasts(Photo)

A high-flying lawyer fled in terror nakèd after his girlfriend used her 38DDs in an attempt to kill him, a German court has heard.
Tim Schmidt, 30, said his girlfriend, Franziska Hansen, 33, mounted her assault while they were having sèx because she was jealous of his successful career.
She denies the charge of attempted murder with a deadly weapon after the incident in the city of Unna. According to her, it was a sèx game gone wrong and Schmidt panicked.

He told the court he was admiring her large chest closely when she suddenly stuck his head between her chest and squeezed hard. Schmidt was smothered and began to panic as he struggled to breathe, the court heard.
Schmidt told the court:

“I was sitting there and I was kissing her chest when suddenly she grabbed my head in pushed it between her chest and held my head with all her might. I could not breathe, I must have turned blue. I could not tear myself free and thought I was going to die.”
He managed to pull free from the clutches of his girlfriend and run nakèd into the street. A neighbor allowed him to call the police from his home.
Hansen later admitted the plot during a phone conversation, he said. She said: “Treasure. I wanted your death to be as pleasant as possible.

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