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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

LOL!!Funny Talk About Marriage

Just saw this post on my facebook wall and decided to share it with you guys,its really funny.Its about a boy that wants to get married and he's kind of confused.
Read below;
'Just on my bed thinking of whom to marry*

of course,i love ‪#‎Ruth‬ ,but ‪#‎jessica‬ is sexy ..abi make i just close my eyes marry ‪#‎gift‬ ??

But how will i explain to ‪#‎joy‬ that she's not my type?? Mehn! I just knw wat to do abt abt ‪#‎elizabeth‬ ..her mom go pour me hot water ..chai ! But ‪#‎racheal‬ sabi make love ,just that she too fat ..abi make i go 4 ‪#‎ada‬ ..na wa oh..she too lepa and she no sabi cook..

No no no! I can't marry ‪#‎folake‬ ..she be yoruba baby..she 2 dey ugly 4 my likinq ..i 4 even go 4 ‪#‎esther‬ just dat i don chop am finish ..but wait oh! ‪#‎ela‬ neva graduate na .... ‪#‎nolly‬ sha? I no go marry her..she too like money..

Ehmmm! ‪#‎sharon‬ is 2 beautiful ..just that she can't wash my boxers ..na wa oh..wahala dey...

Should i just 4get abt gettinq married & become a reverend Father??

Even if i turn reverend father, reverend sisters sef no go rest ni.. Mtchewww.'

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