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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

“I’m still worth more money than your entire family put together” Eldee Blasts Arsenal Fan

eldee the don
 Song writer and music producer Eldee the Don damned all the odds and blasted a fan who insulted him on twitter.

It all started when the Trybe records boss dissed Arsenal football club fans by tweeting “I love to taunt arsenal fans LOL!
Apparently the tweet did not go down with a certain arsenal fan with the twitter handle @mistaTEEE as the fellow responded saying “this is why your albums don’t sell

Replying the tweet, Eldee the don said “LOL..and I’m still worth more $ than your entire family put together, sad…Arsenal fans are very easy to poke at and get a reaction lol. Tooo emotional lmao…Ladies and gentlemen, dont dish what you can’t eat. Just when u think u have bad mouth…
Not showing any remorse for his harsh reply, Eldee further tweeted “Every once in a while, the constantly bottled up human side shows up. #NoApology for that.
See tweetS below:
eldee tweet

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