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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Goat Sold For $3.46 Million In Saudi Arabia

The $3.46 Million goat.
A Saudi businessman has sold a goat for an unprecedented price of $3.46 million.
Local newspaper Okaz reported that the sale of the animal for 13 million Saudi riyals ($3.46 million) caused a stir on social media.
The cheque for $3.46 million.
Websites have published images of the multimillion dollar goat and the check that sealed the deal, the report said.
Experts interested in goat trading said the animal had unique features and is a rare breed, according to the report.
Saudis and expatriates on social media have wondered why the man purchased the goat paying such a huge price and considered it sheer extravagance.
Bloggers, tweeters and other commentators in the social media were surprised over the astronomical price.
“This should not be encouraged, said one commentator.
“We should use the God-given money in a useful way and for the betterment of humanity,” said another.

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